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AIR Package Manager (apm)

The AIR Package Manager allows management of AIR libraries and extensions and assists in creation of the application descriptor.

It is comprised of a repository server and a command line client. This repository forms the source of the command line client.

The goals of apm are to:

  • be command line tool for macOS and Windows;
  • read from a repository of packages (ANEs and SWCs);
  • install (download) packages and dependencies;
  • update packages and dependencies;
  • assist in the creation of the application descriptor (particularly on iOS / Android to merge android manifest additions and iOS info additions / entitlements );
  • assist in the management of properties and settings for an AIR application;
  • assist in the building of an AIR application;

This project runs in combination with the APM repository which aims to provide a repository server to be the store for packages.

See the wiki for details.

Get involved

Have a look at the contributing guidelines to see how you can contribute to apm.