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AirSecure is an open-source, zero trust two factor authentication manager. The AirSecure app manages your 2FA accounts (e.g. GitHub and Coinbase) and will issue you new access tokens to your accounts entirely on device without any 3rd party servers, tracking, or off device processing.

See more on Textile's blog post about AirSecure.

Currently in Beta

While the app runs we are taking some time to do QA and fully test the code. We encourage you to continue using your primary 2FA management app alongside AirSecure (simply scan any QR codes with both apps) to help us test the system. If you ever find it not to work, please file a bug report.

Available on Android & iOS


Google Play

Apple App Store

FDroid send PR please

How it works

Inside of AirSecure, each client creates a secure, on-device private wallet to store private keys to their encrypted entries. This is done using Textile to create the wallet, encrypt the data, and manage keys on the user's behalf. Next, we will add Textile's device sync capability and remote backup capability to make secret management a bit easier for everyone.


  • Multi-device sync through end-to-end encrypted Threads
  • Secure recovery through remote-device backup
  • User-configurable Textile Cafes


Project Lead: Cody Hatfield

Contributors: Carson Farmer, Andrew Hill


Decentralized 2 factor authentication app built on Textile & IPFS






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