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Releases: airshipit/treasuremap


06 Dec 20:04
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Full Changelog


  • #196 Spike: Determine what happens when a Multus network attachment definition gets changed
  • #193 Spike: Dex OIDC Upgrade/Configuration Change in Existing Cluster (Brownfield)
  • #191 Update init-infra phases for CA Cert Manager replacements
  • #177 Sub-clusters Deployment: Add Multi-Tenant Cluster Control Plane Nodes to ViNO VM Network
  • #176 Implement phase/plan validation changes in Treasuremap manifests
  • #173 Update to latest airshipctl reference
  • #172 Match SIP Labels for CAPI Provisioning of Sub-cluster Nodes
  • #171 Worker nodes should use containerd vs. Docker as default CRI
  • #169 Create delivery mechanism for sub-cluster QCOW images
  • #168 Align Reference site disk layout for sub-cluster support
  • #166 Use airshipctl plan run in gates
  • #165 Run CNCF conformance testing in STL labs
  • #164 Helm chart collator chart version update handling
  • #162 Create helm-chart-collator Image for Treasuremap
  • #159 Align Treasuremap with recent Airshipctl changes
  • #155 Rook Ceph Updates to support multi-tenant type
  • #154 Rename Virtual Sites in Treasuremap
  • #153 Remove Storage Cluster from Virtual Site Deployments
  • #152 Use KPT to update Ceph function manifests
  • #150 Deploy Kibana Dashboards in airship-core/multi-tenant types
  • #147 Generate and Encrypt BMC Credentials for ViNO CR
  • #146 Uplift SIP CRD/CR
  • #145 Uplift ViNO CRD/CR
  • #140 Create multi-tenant type scripts to deliver SIP/ViNO phases and sub-cluster phase plans
  • #137 Demonstrate LDAP Group Role Binding Using Dex
  • #136 Enhance Sub-Cluster Dex Deployment to Pull Configuration from Catalogues
  • #135 Enhance Dex Deployment to Pull Configuration from Catalogues for Target Cluster
  • #134 Add Dex for Sub-Cluster Authentication
  • #133 Spike: Verify Triple Nested Virtualization of ViNO BMH CR Will Work in Zuul
  • #132 Deploy airship-core type site in STL3
  • #131 Create network policies (N/S and E/W) for infrastructure and sub-clusters
  • #130 Deploy multi-tenant type site with sub-cluster in STL labs
  • #129 Deploy base multi-tenant type site in STL3
  • #128 Provide Encryption for External Password for LDAP Backend for Dex
  • #125 Clean up catalogues by selector
  • #123 Deploy Synclabeller Operator via Airship Phase in multi-tenant type
  • #122 Provision target baremetal nodes with 'vm-infra-bridge'
  • #119 Define phase to apply Calico network policies
  • #112 True up treasuremap base version catalog
  • #111 Replace minio with minio operator
  • #106 Deliver ViNO CR in multi-tenant type Airship Phase
  • #104 Deploy Virtual Node Operator (ViNO) via Airship Phase in multi-tenant type
  • #98 Create new network-cloud type definition
  • #27 Create Manifest Function for Local Persistence Volume Static Provisioner
  • #19 Deliver Dex helm charts (Helm Operator)
  • #30 Airshipctl Integration with Rook for Deployment of Ceph Cluster

Bug Fixes:

  • #201 Update to latest airshipctl reference
  • #200 Kube API server not deploying in HA mode
  • #198 validation doc gate doing nothing and just skipping all sites validation
  • #185 Sub-clusters Deployment: Fix Server/Rack Label Configuration for Multi-Tenant
  • #183 Sub-clusters Deployment: Need SSH Keys Populated to KubeadmControlPlane
  • #182 Sub-clusters Deployment: Remove VRRP from Sub-Cluster KCP
  • #181 Sub-clusters Deployment: Sync Sub-Cluster API Server VIP/Port Between SIP CR and Metal3Cluster
  • #180 Sub-clusters Deployment: Limit vino network cloud-init types to ipv4
  • #178 Failed Applying provide-infra-lma Phase in Multi-Tenant Reference Site
  • #163 Synclabeller function resources do not deploy to a namespace
  • #160 Move lma-stack contents to the workload phase
  • #142 incorrect node labels on worker nodes during bare metal deployment
  • #141 creates extra control plane
  • #126 Update Dex Image to >= 2.26.0 : Critical Security Vulnerability


20 Apr 21:18
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From Airship 2 GA Blog Post:

Airship 2.0 provides:

  • No Touch Remote Site Bootstrap (Ephemeral Cluster)
  • Declarative Image Building
    • Support for declarative Ephemeral ISO
    • Support for declarative Baremetal targeted QCOW’s
  • Declarative Cluster Lifecycle
  • Infrastructure Lifecycle
    • On Baremetal Infrastructure
    • On Public Cloud Infrastructure
  • Single Command Line “airshipctl“
  • Lifecycle as Phases
  • Introduction of a Plan for the phases
  • Seamless Integration with CNCF projects (CAPI, Metal3, Kustomize)
  • Secrets Management. Seamless integration with security Plugins like SOPS
  • Generic Container interface: a mechanism to extend airshipctl with adhoc functionality
  • Introduction of Host Config Operator for day two operations
  • Simplified Development experience through Airship in a Pod