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TravelCCM aims at providing a clean API, and the corresponding
C++ implementation, for choosing one item among a set of travel
solutions, given demand-related characteristics (e.g.,
Willingness-To-Pay, preferred airline, preferred cabin, etc.).

The TravelCCM C++ library implements some simple Customer Choice Models
(CCM), as referenced in the literature (PhD dissertations at MIT, for
instance: http://dspace.mit.edu).

The TravelCCM C++ library exposes a simple, clean and object-oriented,
API. For instance, the choose() method takes, as input, both a
structure representing the travel request (e.g., "from Washington, DC,
US, to Beijing, China, on the 25th of May") and a list of travel
solutions (as provided by the Airline Schedule Manager project:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/air-sched), and yields, as output, the
chosen item.

The output can then be used by other systems, for instance to book the
corresponding travel or to visualize it on a map and calendar and to
share it with others.

TravelCCM makes an extensive use of existing open-source libraries for
increased functionality, speed and accuracy. In particular the
Boost (C++ Standard Extensions: http://www.boost.org) library is used.

TravelCCM is the one of the components of the Travel Market Simulator
(http://www.travel-market-simulator). However, it may be used in a
stand-alone mode.

Getting and installing from the Fedora/CentOS/RedHat distribution:
Just use Yum:
yum -y install travelccm-devel travelccm-doc

You can also get the RPM packages (which may work on Linux
distributions like Suse and Mandriva) from the Fedora repository
(e.g., for Fedora 22, 

Building the library and test binary from Git repository:
The Git repository may be cloned as following:
$ git clone git@github.com:airsim/travelccm.git travelccmgit # through SSH
$ git clone https://github.com/airsim/travelccm.git # if the firewall filters SSH
cd travelccmgit
git checkout trunk

Then, you need the following packages (Fedora/RedHat/CentOS names here, 
but names may vary according to distributions):
* cmake
* gcc-c++
* boost-devel / libboost-dev
* python-devel / python-dev
* gettext-devel / gettext-dev
* sqlite3-devel / libsqlite3-dev
* readline-devel / readline-dev
* ncurses-devel
* soci-mysql-devel, soci-sqlite3-devel
* stdair-devel / libstdair-dev
* sevmgr-devel / libsevmgr-dev
* doxygen, ghostscript, graphviz
* tetex-latex (optional)
* rpm-build (optional)

Building the library and test binary from the tarball:
The latest stable source tarball (travelccm*.tar.gz or .bz2) can be found here:

To customise the following to your environment, you can alter the path
to the installation directory:
export INSTALL_BASEDIR=/home/user/dev/deliveries
export CCM_VER=99.99.99
if [ -d /usr/lib64 ]; then LIBSUFFIX=64; fi

Then, as usual:
* To configure the project, type something like:
  mkdir build && cd build
* To build the project, type:
* To test the project, type:
  make check
* To install the library (libtravelccm*.so*) and the binary (travelccm),
  just type:
  make install
* To package the source files, type:
  make dist
* To package the binary and the (HTML and PDF) documentation:
  make package
* To browse the (just installed, if enabled) HTML documentation:
  midori file://${INSTALL_BASEDIR}/travelccm-$CCM_VER/share/doc/travelccm/html/index.html
* To browse the (just installed, if enabled) PDF documentation:
  evince ${INSTALL_BASEDIR}/travelccm-$CCM_VER/share/doc/travelccm/html/refman.pdf
* To run the local binary version:
  ./travelccm/travelccm -b
* To run the installed version:
  ${INSTALL_BASEDIR}/travelccm-$CCM_VER/bin/travelccm -b

Denis Arnaud (June 2015)