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Guidelines for Contributing

Airsonic development is a community project, and contributions are welcomed. Here are a few guidelines you should follow before submitting:

  1. Styling The documentation follows some styling guidelines to fit with the website. - Follow the markdown guidelines. For more details see this guide. - Do not use <h1> or <h2> headers ( # h1 or ## h2 headers). - Never manually start a new line in the middle of a sentence. - More spacing, more empty lines !! The documentation needs to be readable ! - Read existing guides to find some inspiration.

  2. Testing The documentation is browsed with the website, so we recommend to test any new guides within the website using jekyll locally. - Clone the website repo git clone - Change directory into the cloned repo cd - Clone the documentation submodule git clone pages/docs. - Install Jekyll - Run jekyll serve --watch. - Add your changes. - Check if everything is fine at localhost:4040.

  3. License Acceptance All contributions must be licensed under GNU GPLv3 to be accepted. Use git commit --signoff to acknowledge this.

  4. Be bold! Without contributions, this project will vanish.

  5. Stay relevant Issues or commentary that is off-topic or tangential to Airsonic development is subject to moderation. Questions should be focused on improving documentation to solve a problem. Visit Reddit or IRC for community discussion.

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