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Airsonic Website

This is the Airsonic website repo.

Getting started

  • Clone the website repo git clone
  • Change directory into the cloned repo cd
  • Clone the documentation submodule git clone docs.
  • For the next steps, go one directory up cd ..
  • Install ruby with the devkit. If you run it on Windows, don't install it to C:\Program Files as you will get trouble with the space later!
  • Install bundler (gem install bundler).
  • Install jekyll (gem install jekyll).
  • Update local dependencies: bundler update.
  • Install local dependencies: bundler install.
  • Run bundler exec jekyll serve --watch.

The above wrapped into a little script (it assume you have bundler installed):

git clone && \
cd && \
git clone docs && \
bundler install


Please see this guide for any contribution.

Use to update the submodule docs.

Media sources

  • Main page background picture is distributed under Creative Commons 2.0 license. All right reserved to Heath Alseike for his pictures available on flickr.Really nice album wall picture by the way !