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Data and Code for Paper "Expressing Visual Relationships via Language"

"Expressing Visual Relationships via Language", ACL 2019.

Hao Tan, Franck Dernoncourt, Zhe Lin, Trung Bui, and Mohit Bansal

The slide of our talk in ACL 2019 is also available here.

Image Editing Corpus Dataset

Json files in folder data/ are three splits of the ImgEdit dataset. Descriptions of each field:

img0: The name of image to be edited.
img1: The name of image after editing.
sents: A list of image editing requests. One for training and three for valid / test.
uid: Universal id for each instruction. It is useful when multiple datasets are involved.

Image pairs are now available on google drive. link to download.


  1. Script to convert/unify NLVR2 and Spot-the-Diff datasets.
  2. Reproducible code in PyTorch.


Hao Tan:

Franck Dernoncourt:


We specially thank Nham Le in collecting the dataset!

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