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A DelegateFactory deploys Delegate contracts. View the code on GitHub.



Create a new DelegateFactory contract.

  ISwap factorySwapContract,
  IIndexer factoryIndexerContract
) public
Param Type Description
factorySwapContract ISwap Instance of the swap contract used to settle trades.
factoryIndexerContract ISwap Instance of the indexer contract the delegate will deploy with.


Create a new Delegate contract. Implements IDelegateFactory.createDelegate.

function createDelegate(
  address delegateContractOwner,
  address delegateTradeWallet
) external returns (address delegateContractAddress)
Param Type Description
delegateContractOwner address Address of the owner of the new delegate contract.
delegateTradeWallet address Address of the wallet that holds funds to be traded.


Check to see whether the factory has deployed a delegate by locator. Implements ILocatorWhitelist.has.

function has(
  bytes32 locator
) external view returns (bool)
Param Type Description
locator bytes32 The locator in question. Expects a contract address in the first 20 bytes.
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