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{% hint style="warning" %} We will no longer update AirSwap’s Legacy Widget, but we will continue to support it until our new widget reaches full feature parity. {% endhint %}

AirSwap Widget

The AirSwap Widget is an embeddable trading frontend that lets your users make ERC20 trades without leaving your application. The demo.html file shows usage of the Widget API on the Rinkeby sandbox. Keep in mind there may not be active peers using the sandbox at any given time. Join the AirSwap Developers Telegram group at or the AirSwap Community at for conversation and support.

To try the demo, run the following:

python3 -m http.server

And navigate to http://localhost:8000/demo.html.

Basic Example

  <script src=""></script>
    onComplete: function(transactionId) {'Trade complete. Thank you, come again.')


By default your widget will connect to the AirSwap sandbox environment which loads the frontend located at To set your widget to make trades on mainnet, set the env parameter to production.

With Options

    mode: 'buy',
    amount: '10000',
    token: '0x0...',
    onCancel: function() {'Trade was canceled.')
    onComplete: function(transactionId) {'Trade complete. Thank you, come again.')

JavaScript API

AirSwap.Trader.render(options, parent)

The options argument is an object with parameters listed below. The parent argument is a DOM node that lives on the page, optimally the body element. Once the widget is closed the element is removed from the DOM.

Add New Token

You can add an intent to trade any token to the indexer, as long as the token associated with an intent isn’t blacklisted. The AirSwap UI is powered by this metadata endpoint. Tokens will automatically be added to this metadata endpoint when they are posted to the indexer (on a half hour cron). The airswapUI flag on the token will be changed from new to yes after a check by us to make sure newly listed tokens aren’t blacklisted.

Rinkeby tokens can be found here. New Rinkeby tokens are added on request.


mode : string - required

Either buy or sell. This will restrict the mode to buy or sell.

token : string - required

A fixed token to buy in exchange for ETH (or baseToken) or sell in exchange for WETH (or baseToken).

baseToken : string

By default, the widget will search for trades in 'ETH'. If you specify the string 'DAI' for this parameter, the widget will search for token/DAI orders instead of token/ETH orders. Note: you will likely need to run an order server until more peers on the network start making DAI orders. At the time of writing, most makers are only serving ETH orders

amount : string

A default amount in the smallest unit e.g. Wei. Can be edited by the user.

address : string

A fixed address to query a specific counter-party for orders.

onCancel : function - required

A function called when the user has canceled or dismissed the widget. No arguments.

function onCancel() {

onComplete : function - required

Called when the transaction sent to the blockchain has succeeded. The transaction ID is passed as an argument.

function onComplete(transactionId) {
  console.log('Complete!', transactionId)
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