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Under the hood, AirSwap Instant works with a combination of web protocols and smart contracts. There are two kinds of makers in the system, those that run their own HTTP servers to provide liquidity, and those that manage onchain delegates that make trades on their behalf.

Trading with Makers on the Web

The Web App calls...

  1. getIntents on the Maker Indexer Contract and gets back HTTP endpoints.
  2. getOrder on each HTTP Maker using JSON-RPC over HTTP.
  3. swap on the Swap Contract with the order that it wishes to trade.

Trading with Onchain Delegates*

The Web App calls...

  1. getIntents on the Delegate Indexer Contract and gets back contract addresses.
  2. get*Quote on each Delegate Contract.
  3. provideOrder on the selected Delegate Contract that performs the Swap.

{% hint style="warning" %} *Delegates are in the works. {% endhint %}

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