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Types is a library contract of protocol structs, functions, and constants for the Swap contract. View the code on GitHub.



Param Type Description
nonce uint256 Unique per signer and should be sequential
expiry uint256 Expiry in seconds since 1 January 1970
signer Party Party to the trade that sets terms
sender Party Party to the trade that accepts terms
affiliate Party Party compensated for facilitating (optional)
signature Signature Signature of the order, described below


Param Type Description
kind bytes4 Interface ID of the token
wallet address Wallet address of the party
token address Contract address of the token
amount uint256 Value (ERC-20)
id uint256 ID (ERC-721)


Param Type Description
signatory address Address of the wallet used to sign
validator address Address of the intended swap contract
version bytes1 EIP-191 signature version
v uint8 v value of an ECDSA signature
r bytes32 r value of an ECDSA signature
s bytes32 s value of an ECDSA signature
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