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Contract Version Address Commit
Swap 5.4.7 0x4572f2554421Bd64Bef1c22c8a81840E8D496BeA 953956f
Indexer 3.6.8 0xbA9aB9710Bd461F30C247f4cA2Cb7f453C22570e 48da430
Delegate 2.6.8 0x072073f78a2d58610Ee3d5e170CA7AC9CB58a345 953956f
Wrapper 3.6.8 0x28de5C5f56B6216441eE114e832808D5B9d4A775 953956f
Types 3.5.5 0xa42d613D8B8B6cB9507F46A5dd3FD98276570FD7 953956f


Contract Version Address Commit
Swap 5.4.7 0x2e7373D70732E0F37F4166D8FD9dBC89DD5BC476 953956f
Indexer 3.6.8 0x10F6702447414cE1250Af5f7000D7c9A0f04E824 48da430
Delegate 2.6.8 0xe01cE51C3CB0B68b5Fa07CCBD9544AeEcd006e6E 953956f
Wrapper 3.6.8 0x8C80e2c9C5244C2283Da85396dde6b7af4ebaA31 953956f
Types 3.5.5 0x42d0f5fE517A0e4aB8be2F3FA7799fB96E30E777 953956f

Deploy Process

See Deployer for a guide to the deployment process. Each deploy has the following outputs:

  • A new contract is deployed from the master branch.
  • After deploy, the contract source code is verified on Etherscan.
  • New contract addresses are written to deploys.json in each package. (Both on GitHub and NPM)
  • New contract ABI is written to build/contracts in each package. (Only on NPM)

Contract Versioning

Packages are versioned based on deploys. Major versions e.g. 1.x.x are mainnet deploys, while minor versions e.g. x.1.x are rinkeby deploys. Packages that are not deployed increment patch versions e.g. x.x.1.

MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (Semantic Versioning)

  • MAJOR is incremented on MAINNET deploy
  • MINOR is incremented on TESTNET deploy (specifically RINKEBY)
  • PATCH is incremented to publish to NPM, unrelated to a deploy.
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