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This repository provides the information to access and use a prototype GraphQL NDC API, based on the IATA Kronos NDC API. The aim is to demonstrate what an NDC API can look like based on GraphQL.

Functionalities are limited compared to Kronos.

This is an alpha: changes are to be expected, as well as bugs.

This API is available (without any API key for now) here (with a GUI):

Thanks to GraphQL possibilities, the documentation is built-in.

Below are examples of the available functionalities.


Shopping for flights based on origin, destination, date and passengers (adult/child). Only simple offers are returned (no à-la-carte). Example


Booking a flight based on the offers from the shopping step. Example

Retrieving an order

Retrieving some of the details of an order (created at the booking step) based on its OrderID. Example

Cancelling an order

Cancelling an existing order (created at the booking step) based on its OrderID. Example

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