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A Ken Burns Effect style slideshow plugin for jQuery. Fills the browser with (cropped and panned) images given a selector.
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Slideshowify is a jQuery plugin for generating a "Ken Burns Effect"-style slideshow from images 
that match a selector.  Images that don't fit the window proportions exactly (generally
the case) are cropped and panned across the screen. This also resembles that Mac screensaver.

Check out the DEMO:

@TODO add more configuration options: direction, css3 prog enhancement stuff
@TODO fix the resizing business (force full screen and prevent resizing || add resize handler to adjust numbers)

To use, do something like this:


		dataUrl     : "[]=9",
		dataType    : "jsonp",
		randomize   : true,
		aniSpeedMin : 6000,
		aniSpeedMax : 10000,
		filterFn    : function(imgs){ // filter data
			var fixedImgs = [];
			$.each(imgs, function(i, img){
				fixedImgs.push($.extend(img.versions["9"], {}));
			return fixedImgs;
		afterFadeIn : function(curImage){
			// do something
		beforeFadeOut : function(curImage){
			// do something else
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