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Sublime-Text plugin to play event sounds
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Sublime-Sound ![ST2]( 2091-orange.svg) ![ST3]( 3083-blue.svg)

Sublime-Text plugin to play event sounds. Fun 😄

Supported Platforms

osx linux windows
Sublime Text 2 🔺 🔺
Sublime Text 3 ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️

If you use ST2 Build 2091(29 July 2011) or more newer one, we cannot play any sounds because of its change of threading policy.😢


You can install from Package Control.

Package Control: Install Package > Select Sound

Event Lists

  • on_new: played when new file buffer is created.
  • on_load: played when the file is finished loading.
  • on_save: played when file view has been saved.
  • on_close: played when a file view is closed.
  • on_clone: played when a file view is cloned from an existing one.
  • on_modify: played when a file view is changed.

Command List

These commands can select from Command Palette.

  • Toggle sound: play/mute sound
  • Change soundset: change active soundset
  • Install soundset: install new soundsets from Sublime-SoundSets
  • Uninstall soundset: remove installed soundsets
  • Add soundset: add custom sounds manualy

Custom Sounds

You can customize playing sounds by replace file. (only supports wav file now)

Replace wav file on Preference > Package Settings > Sound > Open sounds > soundset name > event_name directory.

If you put some files in a event_name directory, this plugin randomly choice a file and play on each event triggered.


  • min_span{0<Inf}
  • volume{1~100}: only osx support
  • soundset{"soundset name"}
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