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Extensible VueJS CRUD Component - Wiki Updated 2019 May 25
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2019 Jul 4 0900 +8GMT Please note this issue with vue-cli 3

Latest Version 0.1.13 Released 2019 Jun 20 0815 +8GMT

Our next release, we will migrate to Vuetify 2.0... There may be breaking changes as the new v-data-table component has more slot handling and features. We will take this chance to improve the framework while minimizing the effect of breaking changes

Roadmap and latest updates can be found on the Wiki.

See RELEASE.MD file for change history.

Read the following supporting article (with usage and explanations updated as and when required)


  • example-rest folder is preferred project for quickstart. Everything runs locally.
  • example-nuxt folder uses NuxtJS (SSR and generate demo), Also includes Github login

1 New Features

  • Rename example-firebase to example-baas and added Mongo Stitch login and query example
  • Improved Nuxt page error handling using error layout page
  • Vue 3 migration: updated slots to use v-slot

2 Major Improvements (Without Breaking Changes)

From Version 0.1.7 onwards, scoped-slots can and should be used for customized form and filter. Please use this instead of the previous way of importing component files as it is much cleaner. importing component files will be deprecated in a later version.

Usage example can be found:

  • in example-rest project (see example-rest/ on quickstart)
    • example-rest/src/pages/Page.vue
    • example-rest/src/pages/Book.vue
    • example-rest/src/components/author.js
    • example-rest/src/pages/Category.vue
  • in example-nuxt project (see example-nuxt/ on quickstart)
  • in example-baas project
    • example-baas/src/pages/MultiCrud/Example.vue (also, demonstrates multiple vue-crud-x used in a single page)

What Is vue-crud-x

A VueJS CRUD component which is customisable and extensible to suit more complex situations such as Nested CRUD, custom filters, forms, use of GraphQL or REST to access various datastores. Vuetify is used for frontend UI components but can be changed to alternatives such as ElementUI (with some effort)

The following differentiates vue-crud-x from other CRUD repositories:

  • Able to do nested CRUD operations (parent table call child table),
  • Inline edit, pagination, sorting & filtering
  • Handle authentication tokens, user permissions
  • Customise table, search filter, CRUD form, validation, CRUD operations (e.g. disallow delete, call REST, GraphQL, Firestore, etc.)
  • Auto-configure/generate Search filter, CRUD Form from JSON
  • Export to CSV/JSON, File/Image Upload, i18n

Example Project List

There are currently 4 projects for show-casing vue-crud-x. (Three frontend and one supporting backend example)

Our examples showcase the following (unrelated to the vue-crud-x features above)

  • in example-rest
    • (Best for quick start - Please use this to try things out)
    • everything runs locally, and you build and run both this project and the backend project from here
    • rxJs for cleaner code (auto-complete, debounce, fetch latest)
    • 2FA OTP signin with Google Authenticator (setup with USE_OTP=GA in environement files of both the front and backend. Check DB seeders for the API key to use, or you can find out how to generate your own)
    • websocket example
    • graphql example (use Apollo client: authentication, subscriptions, cache, optimistic response, refetch queries)
  • in example-nuxt
  • in example-baas
    • Serverless backend, using Firebase backend-as-a-service, need to register and setup
    • real-time updates from Firestore
    • Use multiple vue-crud-x in single page
    • recaptcha, image capture from webcam
    • image upload to Google Cloud Store, Image capture via webcam
    • include Mongo Stitch Baas login and simple query example

The backend project is an Express server used by example-rest and example-nuxt projects for testing the vue-crud-x component, and has the following features:

Refer to the respective projects files for more information

What is bad about this CRUD Component

Because of its flexible nature, quite a number of things need to be coded to fit your needs.

However, the good part is that these parts need to be coded anyway and once you find your way around the design, you will be able to quickly create custom CRUD in many of your use cases

vue-crud-x DOCUMENTATION (Work-In-Progress)


Refer to @/pages/Crud/party-inline.js for more description for now...

Table - crudTable

crudTable: {
  saveRow: '#ffaaaa', // add save row button & specify color when row is changed, used with inline edit only and action column
  inlineReload: { // default true, set to false and use snapshot for large firestore dataset (or similar mechanisms where reads are chargeable)
    update: false,
    create: true,
    delete: true
  addrowCreate: [
      field: 'name',
      label: 'Name'
  ], // add button creates new record by adding row, you can specified fields that use needs to pre-enter data,
  // empty array if no need to,
  // false if no need addrowCreate button
  inline: { // editable fields on the table and what type of edit are they
    // fields supported v-text-field, v-select, v-combobox, v-autocomplete, v-textarea, v-date-picker, v-time-picker
    'name': {
      field: 'v-text-field', // v-text-field (blur will update contents if it was changed)
      attrs: {
        type: 'text', // number, email, password
        class: ['caption']
    'remarks': {
      field: 'v-textarea', // edit dialog with v-textarea
      buttons: false
    'languages': {
      field: 'v-select', // select, combobox
      attrs: {
        items: ['French', 'Thai', 'Chinese', 'Bahasa'],
        multiple: true,
        dense: true,
        class: ['caption']
    'created': {
      buttons: true,
      field: 'v-date-picker', // edit dialog with v-date-picker or v-time-picker
      attrs: { }
    'photo': {
      field: 'v-textarea',
      buttons: true
    // base: { field: 'v-btn-toggle', attrs: { }, group: { type: 'v-btn', attrs: { flat: true, block: true }, items: { 'WCP': 'WCP', 'MSP': 'MSP' } } },
  confirmCreate: true, // show operation confirmation dialog flags
  confirmUpdate: true,
  confirmDelete: true,
  // REMOVE THIS, NO LONGER NEEDED: actionColumn: true, // action buttons (edit/delete)on the left most table column
  headers: [
    { text: 'Action', value: '', align: 'center', sortable: false, class: 'pa-1 text-xs-center' }, // IMPORTANT: blank value means it is action column
    { text: 'Party Name', value: 'name' },
    { text: 'Remarks', value: 'remarks', align: 'right', class: 'pa-1', 'cell-class': 'text-xs-right pa-1' }, // align header and cell
    { text: 'Languages', value: 'languages' },
    { text: 'Status', value: 'status' },
    { text: 'Created', value: 'created' },
    { text: 'Photo URL', value: 'photo' }
  formatters: (value, _type) => {
    if (_type === 'languages') return value.join(',')
    return value
  crudTitle: 'Custom Title',

  onCreatedOpenForm: false, // open form on created - need to have to show info, this is true in cases when you want to go back to the parent form and not parent table
  onRowClickOpenForm: true, // set to false of you do not want row click to open form

  doPage: true, // pagination enabled
  showGoBack: false, // do net show go back button on table
  showFilterButton: true, // show expand filter button on toolbar? if hide means you do not want user to play with the filters

  attrs: {
    // you can add attributes used by the component and customize style and classes
    snackbar: { // v-snackbar Component - null means no snack bar
      bottom: true,
      timeout: 6000
    container: { // v-container Component
      fluid: true,
      class: 'pa-0',
      style: { } // you can add more styles here
    dialog: { // v-dialog Component
      fullscreen: false, // dialog form is not fullscreen
      scrollable: true,
      transition: 'dialog-bottom-transition',
      overlay: false
    form: { // v-form Component
      class: 'grey lighten-3 pa-2',
      'lazy-validation': true
    alert: { // v-alert Component
      color: 'grey',
      icon: ''
    toolbar: { // v-toolbar Component
      height: 48,
      dark: false,
      light: true,
      color: 'grey'
    table: { // v-data-table Component
      dark: false,
      light: true,
      'rows-per-page-items': [2, 5, 10, 20],
      'hide-headers': false,
      'loading-color': '#ff0000'
    button: { // v-btn Component
      dark: false,
      light: true,
      icon: true,
      fab: false
    'v-progress-linear': { // v-progress-linear, can also be v-progress-circular
      class: 'ma-0'
    'edit-indicator-left': '🖊️',
    'edit-indicator-right': '',
    'action-icon': { // for the action column
      small: true,
      class: 'mr-1'
    buttons: {
      // table
      back: { icon: 'reply', label: '' },
      filter: { icon: 'search', label: '', icon2: 'keyboard_arrow_up' },
      reload: { icon: 'replay', label: '' },
      create: { icon: 'add', label: '' },
      export: { icon: 'print', label: '' },
      // form
      close: { icon: 'close', label: '' },
      delete: { icon: 'delete', label: '' },
      update: { icon: 'save', label: '' }

Filter - crudFilter

crudFilter: {
  FilterVue: null,
  filterData: {
    // fields supported v-text-field, v-select, v-combobox, v-autocomplete, v-textarea, v-date-picker, v-time-picker
    // new way of defining, use attrs
    active: {
      type: 'v-select',
      value: 'active',
      attrs: {
        label: 'Active Status',
        multiple: false,
        items: [ 'active', 'inactive' ], // can be async loaded from db?
        rules: [v => !!v || 'Item is required']

Form - crudForm

crudForm: {
  // FormVue: () => {}, // not needed TO BE DEPRECATED
  formAutoData: { // this is for automated form creation - if undefined use FormVue
    id: { type: 'input', attrs: { hidden: true } }, // need id if there is delete
    name: {
      type: 'v-text-field',
      halfSize: true,
      attrs: {
        label: 'Name',
        rules: [v => !!v || 'Item is required']
    status: {
      type: 'v-select',
      halfSize: true,
      attrs: {
        label: 'Active Status',
        multiple: false,
        items: [ 'active', 'inactive' ], // can be async loaded from db?
        rules: [v => !!v || 'Item is required']
    remarks: {
      type: 'v-textarea',
      attrs: {
        label: 'Remarks'
    photo: { type: 'hidden' },
    languages: { type: 'hidden' }

  defaultRec: () => ({ // you can use function to initialize record as well
    id: '',
    name: '',
    status: 'active',
    remarks: '',
    languages: [],
    created: format(new Date(), 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss'), // set value during setRecord() function
    photo: ''

CRUD Operations - crudOps

  1. user property in payload can be used for authentication, and logging

  2. crudOps create, update & delete operation - return object properties

The return object

The return object and properties are optional, if you do not return, then the following can potentially result:

  • no snackbar (you will need to listen to event emitted do your own error display instead)
  • value will not revert to original for failed inline update
  msg: if defined and not blank, snackbar will show the string in msg if enabled (msg can be an vue-i18n keystring)
  code: if defined, snackbar will show message based on code number. 200, 201, 509, 500 is handled, other values will show 'unknown operation'
  ok:  is operation success or not, used by inline update to revert data to original value on the table


Note the payload object for each operation

payload.user show contains user info that you can use, e.g. user group

crudOps: {
  'export': {
    const { user, filterData } = payload
    // no return
  create: {
    const { record: { id, ...noIdData }, user } = payload
    return { // EXAMPLE return object with code property omitted
      ok: true,
      msg: 'OK'
  update: {
    const { record: { id, ...noIdData }, user } = payload
    return { // EXAMPLE return object with ok property only
      ok: true
  delete: {
    const { id, user } = payload
    // EXAMPLE no return at all
  find: {
    let records = []
    let totalRecords = 0 // used for pagination, total records searched from query before paging is applied
    const { pagination, user, filterData, parentId, doPage } = payload // page, sort column and sort order is in pagination, refer to Vuetify docs for list of properties in the pagination object
    // DO NOT MUTATE pagination
    return { records, pagination, totalRecords }
  findOne: {
    const { id, user } = payload
    let record = {}
    return record

Named Scoped SLots


  • vcx: access to the component itself


  • filterData: access to filterData
  • parentId: access to parentId (if any)
  • storeName: access to vuex store module name
  • vcx: access to the component itself


  • records: the records found
  • totalRecords: to total unpaged records
  • pagination: the pagination object
  • vcx: access to the component itself


  • vcx: access to the component itself


  • vcx: access to the component itself


  • record: the selected record
  • parentId: access to parentId (if any)
  • storeName: access to vuex store module name
  • vcx: access to the component itself


  1. form-open - emit event if open form, returns selected record

  2. form-close - emit event if close form

  3. selected - row selected, returns object with row item and event, does not fire if inline is truthy...

  4. loaded - table data is loaded, returns

  5. created - emitted in createRecord(), returns { res, payload } (no create ID yet, will be improved)

  6. updated - emitted in updateRecord(), returns { res, payload }

  7. deleted - emitted in deleteRecord(), returns { res, payload }

Note: res is the result for the C, U, D operation, payload is the payload passed in to the C, U, D operation

Building The Library (Read this if you wish to maintain their own fork)

Option 1 Use NPM package

Install it as in NPM package and import it

npm i vue-crud-x

Option 2 Use the source file

Just copy the VueCrudX.vue file into your project and include it as a component

Option 3 Build and Install

If you ever need to build this library from source...

  1. Install dependencies
npm i
  1. Build project (using vue-cli)
npm run build

The build output can be found in the dist folder

IMPORTANT NOTE: please rename the file VueCrudX.commmon.js to VueCrudX.js

  1. Publishing to npm (only for repo owner)
npm publish
  1. Or build as local package vue-crud-x
npm pack
# A local npm package will be created (e.g. vue-crud-x-?.?.?.tgz file)
# If you want to install without saving to package.json, npm i --no-save vue-crud-x-?.?.?.tgz
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