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Have the font setting system dependent.

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1 parent 6b61450 commit 9268a3ea89cb91d146eb01e6f91e10160df0b3a7 @dimitri dimitri committed
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5 init.el
@@ -58,7 +58,10 @@
;; on mac, there's always a menu bar drown, don't have it empty
(menu-bar-mode -1))
-(set-frame-font "Monospace-10") ; largest possible
+;; choose your own fonts, in a system dependant way
+(if (string-match "apple-darwin" system-configuration)
+ (set-face-font 'default "Monaco-13")
+ (set-frame-font "Monospace-10"))
(global-hl-line-mode) ; highlight current line
(global-linum-mode 1) ; add line numbers on the left

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