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The primary goal of this project is to organize a concerted community effort to improve the ABCI User Guide and Portal Guide that explain how to utilize AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI). ABCI is the world's first large-scale Open AI Computing Infrastructure, constructed and operated by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). We would welcome your feedbacks including pull requests.

On every release we will deploy it as the current official versions of the ABCI User Guide and Portal Guide, which are located at

Structure of the repository

This repository consists of the following MkDocs documents:

Directory officially deployed URL Notes
root/ Document root of the ABCI User Guide
ja/ Japanese version
en/ English version
portal/root/ Document root of the ABCI Portal Guide
portal/ja/ Japanese version
portal/en/ English version


You can clone the repository to your local environment and run the builtin development server.

$ pip3 install mkdocs
$ pip3 install mkdocs-material
$ pip3 install mkdocs-redirects
$ pip3 install ghp-import # for deployment to GitHub pages
$ git clone
$ cd abci-docs
$ cd root/ or ja/ or en/
$ mkdocs serve

And, open '' using a web browser.

Build and deploy

To generate the static versions of documents:

$ make build
(static files are generated under site/ directory)

And, to deploy and publish generated documents to gh-pages branch:

$ ghp-import -m "(specific message)" -c -r origin -b gh-pages -p site

or, just run:

$ make publish-head