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HaveClip for Android

This is a beta version of HaveClip for Android. Most of the features are already implemented, but there may be a few glitches. The UI is incomplete and sometimes not pretty.

APK can be downloaded on project home page: http://www.havefun.cz/projects/haveclip/


HaveClip for Android requires custom OpenSSL version, as it is not shipped with Qt itself.

It is tested with the currently latest openssl-1.0.2a. Prior to building OpenSSL, configure environment variables using Setenv-android.sh.

Edit this script and set some variables, e.g.:


The OpenSSL is then built by:

$ . Setenv-android.sh
$ ./config
$ make depend
$ make all

The path to the built OpenSSL libraries must be then set in haveclip-android.pro. HaveClip can now be built and deployed using Qt Creator.


HaveClip is released under the GNU/GPL.