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Clipboard synchronization tool (Sailfish version)
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HaveClip - clipboard synchronization tool

HaveClip is a peer-to-peer clipboard synchronization tool. Ctrl+C on one computer, Ctrl+V on another.

Clipboard is instantly synchronized across all your devices. It can handle all forms of text, images and even application-specific data.

HaveClip is multiplatform. Copy something in one OS, paste in another. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Sailfish OS and Android.

Home page:


HaveClip is available in Harbour.

Known issues

In order to sync clipboard from Sailfish to PC, one must bring HaveClip to foreground after copying text, or else HaveClip will not notice it. Sync from PC to Sailfish works fine.

For Jolla to be auto-discovered by other devices, it must be active, meaning the screen must be turned on.

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