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"neocon" is a simple serial console utility that tries to open a
ttys that may exist on a system until one such open succeeds. It
then passes terminal input and output, until there is a read or
write failure on the tty, in which case it disconnects, and the
process restarts.

This is mainly intended for serial over USB interfaces that
disappear when the Neo or debug board is restarted. E.g.,
neocon /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyUSB1

The option  -t delay_ms  throttles keyboard input to a rate of
one character every "delay_ms" milliseconds. This can be used to
prevent buffer overruns on the remote end.

"neocon" can log to a file with the option "-l logfile". Non-ASCII
and non-printable characters are converted to hash signs (#). To
append to an existing logfile, add the option "-a". To add a
timestamp before each line, use the option "-T".

To leave neocon, type "~.". The escape character (~) can be changed
with the option "-e escape".

To manually switch to the next device, enter "~n".

Known issues

- the escape character is sent to the target


An interface for interacting with tty devices from the OpenMoko project



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