Virtual machine for executing Princeton I2CS Toy ISA
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Toy Virtual Machine

Virtual machine for executing Toy ISA created by Introduction to CS, Princeton University.


  • GDB-like debug interface
  • Allow setting breakpoint


Usage: toyvm [-d] [-v] ToyFile [InputFile]
       toyvm [--version| -h| --help]

    -d            Enter Debug Mode
    -v            Verbose mode
    ToyFile       *.toy file you want to run.
    InputFile     This is optional, using InputFile instead of manually input.
    -h, --help    Show this help list.
    --version     Show version.

    run, r        Run program
    step, s       Run program in step mode, each line is shown before executing.

    next, n       Execute next program line (after stopping).
    continue, c   Continue  running your program (after stopping, e.g. at a
                  break point).
    break [LINE]  Set a breakpoint, program will pause at break point.
    info          Show breakpoint information.
    delete [NUM]  Delete a breakpoint, NUM can be found by the `info' command.
    reg           Show register data.
    list [FMT]    List memory file. FMT can be a line or a range. If a line is
                  entered, list will show 13 line around it. If a ragne like
                  A..B is entered, list will show lines from A to B.
    disasm [FMT]  Disassemble the lines specified by FMT. FMT is same as the
                  FMT in `list'.
    verbose, v    Verbose mode, every instruction is shown before executing.
    noverbose, nv Disable verbose mode.
    quit, q       Quit toyvm debuger.


Please report bugs to Aitjcize


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