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Tweets for the campaign period of the 2014 European Parliament election

This dataset contains the tweets for the campaign period (16th to 23th of April) of the 2014 European Parliament election (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament_election,_2014).

The tweets were captured by following the mentions to a set of party Twitter accounts, selected based on the results of the previous election (check the parties.json file for a complete list of the political parties included in the study). The dataset contais a total of 47,761 tweets.


Four different files are included in the dataset:

  • european_parliament.2014.txt: the captured tweets.
  • locations.json: includes a city/country mapping.
  • parties.json: contains information about the political parties taken into account for the study (Party name, twitter id, location, european group)
  • parties_ids.json: includes a twitter id/party name mapping.

european_parliament_2014.txt format

The file is formatted with a tweet per line, each line with the following fields separated by commas:

tweet_id, username, user_id, md5_hash

The tweet_id and the username can be used to recover the tweet content, and the md5 hex hash to validate the tweet text. To comply with the Twitter TOS we do not provide the content ourselves.


Please, use the following reference if you use this dataset for your research:

Aitor Almeida, Juan Sixto, Oscar Peña, Braulio Gomez, Guillem Martí. Tweets for the campaign period of the 2014 European Parliament election. URL: https://github.com/aitoralmeida/european_parliament_election_2014/

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