Makes SVG shapes look hand-drawn and creates UML diagrams using yUML ( syntax
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Scruffy UML: Creates UML diagrams using yUML-like ( syntax.

** I am not sure I will continue this project since I found and it does everything I need **

Requires dot (, rsvg-convert ( and pic2plot (, has been developed and tested on Ubuntu. For scruffy output Purisa font is used by default if it's available. More fallback fonts will be added in future.

Class diagrams

The same syntax as yUML (

Class [Customer]
Directional [Customer]->[Order]
Bidirectional [Customer]<->[Order]
Aggregation [Customer]+-[Order] or [Customer]<>-[Order]
Composition [Customer]++-[Order]
Inheritance [Customer]^[Cool Customer], [Customer]^[Uncool Customer]
Dependencies [Customer]uses-.->[PaymentStrategy]
Cardinality [Customer]<1-1..2>[Address]
Labels [Person]customer-billingAddress[Address]
Notes [Person]-[Address],[Address]-[note: Value Object]
Full Class [Customer|Forename;Surname;Email|Save()]
Splash of Colour [Customer{bg:orange}]<>1->*[Order{bg:green}]

Simple example:

suml --png "[User|+Forename;+Surname;+HashedPassword;-Salt|+Login();+Logout()]" > samples/sample13.png

suml --png --font-family Purisa --scruffy "[User|+Forename;+Surname;+HashedPassword;-Salt|+Login();+Logout()]" > samples/sample13-scruffy.png

More complex example:

suml --png "[note: You can stick notes on diagrams too!{bg:cornsilk}],[Customer]<>1-orders 0..*>[Order], [Order]++*->[LineItem], [Order]-1>[DeliveryMethod], [Order]-*>[Product], [Category]<->[Product], [DeliveryMethod]^[National], [DeliveryMethod]^[International]" > samples/sample14.png

suml --png --font-family Purisa --scruffy "[note: You can stick notes on diagrams too!{bg:cornsilk}],[Customer]<>1-orders 0..*>[Order], [Order]++*->[LineItem], [Order]-1>[DeliveryMethod], [Order]-*>[Product], [Category]<->[Product], [DeliveryMethod]^[National], [DeliveryMethod]^[International]" > samples/sample14-scruffy.png

Class diagram extensions

There are some extensions to yUML syntax:

[ClassA|field1;field2] and following [ClassA] refer to the same class (box) so you don't have to repeat all the class members in each relation.

You can group/put classes (boxes) inside another box using "embedded classes" like [Group [NodeA][NodeB]] This is not related to UML class diagrams, but might be useful to communicate you ideas.

suml --png --font-family Purisa --scruffy "[Node A]->[Node B],[Node B]->[Node C],[Group [Node A][Node B]]" > samples/sample15-scruffy.png

Sequence diagrams

Some initial support for sequence diagrams:

Object [Object]
Send message [Object1]Message>[Object2] or [Object1]<Message[Object2]

suml --png --scruffy --sequence "[Patron]order food>[Waiter],[Waiter]order food>[Cook],[Waiter]serve wine>[Patron],[Cook]pickup>[Waiter],[Waiter]serve food>[Patron],[Patron]pay>[Cashier]" > tmp/sequence1-scruffy.png