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short_ver = 2.0.0
long_ver = $(shell git describe --long 2>/dev/null || echo $(short_ver)-0-unknown-g`git describe --always`)
generated = pghoard/
all: $(generated)
PYTHON ?= python3
PYTHON_SOURCE_DIRS = pghoard/ test/
$(RM) -r *.egg-info/ build/ dist/
$(RM) ../pghoard_* test-*.xml $(generated)
$(PYTHON) $^ $@
deb: $(generated)
cp debian/ debian/changelog
dch -v $(long_ver) --distribution unstable "Automatically built .deb"
dpkg-buildpackage -A -uc -us
rpm: $(generated)
git archive --output=pghoard-rpm-src.tar --prefix=pghoard/ HEAD
# add generated files to the tar, they're not in git repository
tar -r -f pghoard-rpm-src.tar --transform=s,pghoard/,pghoard/pghoard/, $(generated)
rpmbuild -bb pghoard.spec \
--define '_topdir $(PWD)/rpm' \
--define '_sourcedir $(CURDIR)' \
--define 'major_version $(short_ver)' \
--define 'minor_version $(subst -,.,$(subst $(short_ver)-,,$(long_ver)))'
$(RM) pghoard-rpm-src.tar
sudo dnf -y install --best --allowerasing \
golang \
postgresql-server \
python3-botocore python3-cryptography python3-dateutil python3-devel \
python3-flake8 python3-psycopg2 python3-pylint python3-pytest \
python3-pytest-cov python3-requests python3-snappy \
python3-azure-storage \
test: flake8 pylint unittest
unittest: $(generated)
$(PYTHON) -m pytest $(PYTEST_ARG) test/
coverage: $(generated)
$(PYTHON) -m coverage run --source pghoard -m pytest $(PYTEST_ARG) test/
$(PYTHON) -m coverage report --show-missing
pylint: $(generated)
$(PYTHON) -m pylint.lint --rcfile .pylintrc $(PYTHON_SOURCE_DIRS)
flake8: $(generated)
$(PYTHON) -m flake8 --ignore=E722 --max-line-len=125 $(PYTHON_SOURCE_DIRS)
.PHONY: rpm
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