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ver = 0.0.1
major = 0
name = stackonfigure
rule cxx
command = clang++ -c -g -fPIC -Wall -Wextra -Fall -Fextra -pedantic -Iheaders -Iheaders/stackonfigure -o$out $in -std=c++0x
rule link
command = clang++ -shared -o$out $in -Wl,-soname,$soname -Wl,-z,now -fstack-protector
rule ln
command = ln -sf $in $out
bd = ./build
sd = ./src
build $bd/value.o: cxx $sd/
build $bd/config.o: cxx $sd/
build lib$$ver: link $bd/value.o $bd/config.o
soname = lib$$major
build lib$$major: ln lib$$ver
build lib$ ln lib$$ver
packfiles = stackonfigure/headers stackonfigure/src stackonfigure/stackonfigure.pc stackonfigure/ stackonfigure/LICENSE
packname = $name.$ver.tar.gz
rule pack
command = tar -C .. -cf `pwd`/$packname --gzip $packfiles
build $packname: pack | lib$ lib$$major
build pack: phony $packname
incdir = /usr/include/stackonfigure
rule n_install
command = if [ ! -d $incdir ] ; then mkdir $incdir ; fi ; install headers/stackonfigure/*.hh -C $incdir
rule n_install_lib
command = install lib$name* -C /usr/lib ; install stackonfigure.pc -C /usr/lib/pkgconfig/
rule n_install_lib64
command = install lib$name* -C /usr/lib64 ; install stackonfigure.pc -C /usr/lib64/pkgconfig
rule n_install_warn
command = echo "Please use install_lib64 on x64 systems with /usr/lib64 folder, otherwise please use install_lib"
rule n_links
command = if [ ! -e lib$ ] ; then ln $lname -s lib$ ; fi
build install: n_install_warn
build _install: n_install | lib$ lib$$major
build links: n_links
build install_lib64: n_install_lib64 links _install
build install_lib: n_install_lib links _install
build all: phony lib$ lib$$major
default all
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