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ADDRESS - Address
BLOCKQUOTE - Block quotation
DIV - Generic block-level container
DL - Definition list
FIELDSET - Form control group
FORM - Interactive form
H1 - Level-one heading
H2 - Level-two heading
H3 - Level-three heading
H4 - Level-four heading
H5 - Level-five heading
H6 - Level-six heading
HR - Horizontal rule
OL - Ordered list
P - Paragraph
PRE - Preformatted text
TABLE - Table
output TRs as lines, csv the TDs
UL - Unordered list
DD - Definition description
DT - Definition term
LI - List item
a (Links) - Link to Somewhere[1] ---- [1] http://
b (Bold) - *bold*
i (Italic) - _italic_
strong - *strong*
em (emphasis) - _emphasis_
u (underline) - probably do nothing, maybe something like em
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