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system initialization scripts and startup
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make install
Yup, that simple. Works with GNU make.

You may wish to tweak the installation with the below arguments

We don't support building a static OpenRC with PAM.
You may need to use PROGLDFLAGS=-Wl,-Bstatic on glibc instead of just -static.
If you debug memory under valgrind, add -DDEBUG_MEMORY to your CPPFLAGS
so that all malloc memory should be freed at exit.

You can also brand OpenRC if you so wish like so
BRANDING=\"Gentoo/$(uname -s)\"

PKG_PREFIX should be set to where packages install to by default.
LOCAL_PREFIX should be set when to where user maintained packages are.
Only set LOCAL_PREFIX if different from PKG_PREFIX.
PREFIX should be set when OpenRC is not installed to /.

MKRCSYS should be set only if you need to specify a default system
subtype. The subtype should be set to match the type of environment the
file is installed into, not the virtualization the environment is
capable of handling. Here is a list of subtypes and their meanings.

jail	FreeBSD jail
lxc	Linux container
openvz	Linux OpenVZ
prefix	Linux and *BSD prefix system
uml	UsermodeLinux
vserver	Linux vserver
xen0 Linux and NetBSD xen0 Domain
xenU Linux and NetBSD xenU Domain

If any of the following files exist then we do not overwrite them

rc and rc.shutdown are the hooks from the BSD init into OpenRC.
devd.conf is modified from FreeBSD to call /etc/rc.devd which is a generic
hook into OpenRC.
inittab is the same, but for SysVInit as used by most Linux distributions.
This can be found in the support folder.
Obviously, if you're installing this onto a system that does not use OpenRC
by default then you may wish to backup the above listed files, remove them
and then install so that the OS hooks into OpenRC.

init.d.misc is not installed by default as the scripts will need
tweaking on a per distro basis. They are also non essential to the operation
of the system.

Reporting Bugs

If you installed OpenRC from your chosen distribution, you should report
bugs directly to them. For example, if you use Gentoo and emerged OpenRC
then you should reports bugs to

History - by Daniel Robbins

The Gentoo modular network scripts were created by Daniel Robbins for
Gentoo Linux 1.0_rc6, in development during most of 2001 and released
in September 2001. After their development, the dependency-based initscript
system was maintained by a number of senior developers, primarily Martin
Schlemmer (azarah).

excerpt from
by Grant Goodyear:

"My recollection is that one of woodchip's more impressive early feats was the
complete replacement of all of the init scripts in Portage for Gentoo Linux
1.0_rc6. Through 1.0_rc5 Gentoo had used fairly standard rc scripts modified
from Stampede Linux, but for 1.0_rc6 Daniel Robbins (drobbins) and Martin
Schlemmer (azarah) had created a new dependency-based init script system that
is still used today. Within a span of days Donny rewrote every single init
script in the Portage tree and committed new masked packages to await the
release of 1.0_rc6. Thanks to woodchip (and drobbins and azarah, of course) the
transition to the new init scripts was nearly painless."

Roy Marples became a Gentoo/Linux developer in 2004 and maintained the modular
network scripts for the Gentoo baselayout package.  Then towards the end of
2005, he became the the primary maintainer for baselayout.

At the start of 2007, Roy Marples announced the ongoing development of
baselayout-2, containing a rewritten initscript code in C and allowing POSIX sh
init scripts instead of forcing the use of bash. By Mid 2007 Roy Marples had
re-implemented the Gentoo initscript design created by Daniel Robbins, using an
entirely new code base.  Alpha and pre-release baselayout-2 snapshots were
added to Gentoo's Portage tree as an optional component.

Towards the end of 2007, Roy Marples retired as a Gentoo developer Baselayout-2
was still in the pre stage, and aside from the fbsd users, it was masked
everywhere. However, Roy Marples desired to keep the baselayout-2 project
alive, but outside of Gentoo and into other projects such as FreeBSD.

As such, the Gentoo Council permitted Roy Marples to release OpenRC under the 2
clause BSD license, managed by him as an external project. Around mid-2010, Roy
Marples decided to no longer maintain OpenRC. At this point, he transferred
development back to Gentoo, which continues to maintain the scripts. In
addition, Daniel Robbins continues to maintain an independent version OpenRC
for Funtoo Linux, which includes a Funtoo-specific network configuration
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