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aiXcoder plugin for Eclipse
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AiXcoder Code Completer & Code Search Engine for Java

AiXcoder is a powerful code completer & code serach engine based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology. It has the potential of recommending you a full line of code, which will help you code faster. AiXcoder also provides a code search engine to help you search for API use cases on GitHub.

writing Java code with aiXcoder


  1. Eclipse Kepler+
  2. JRE 1.8+
  3. Around 500 MB of free memory.
  4. More than 300 MB of free disk space in your home directory.


  1. Java is supported now. More languages (Python/JavaScript/TypeScript/C++) will be supported later.
  2. Completely works offline. Your code is safe in your hand.
  3. Long completion result with length up to a full line.
  4. Rearrange completion items in a likelyhood probability descending order.


  1. AiXcoder will be launched automatically when you begin to type code.
  2. When you start using aiXcoder on a new project, an indexing process is required to parse your code. This is necessary for aiXcoder to provide more accurate completions.
  3. The service is running as several processes including "aix-node(.exe)". You can safely kill the process(es) at any time. The executables are located in <home>/aiXcoder/installer/localserver/current/server/. Removing the folder and then restart VSCode will force this plugin to re-download the service.


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