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![Access the application](assets/screenshot.png "Access the application")

# Disclaimer :warning:

This project is currently being made available as open source. Not all features are available yet.

# Usage

In order to use the project you have to build the docker image (they will be released in the docker hub in the future).

docker build -t aixigo/prevant .

When you have build the image, you can start the docker containers with the provided docker-compose file.
Have a look at [docker-compose.yml](docker-compose.yml) and use following command to start PREvant.

docker-compose up -d

Now, PREvant is running at [`http://localhost`](http://localhost).

If you want to customize PREvant's behaviour, you can mount a TOML file into the container at the path `/app/config.toml`. You will find more information about the configuration [here](api/

# Further Readings

- [All about the API](api/
PREvant's concept has been published at the conference [_Microservices 2019_ in Dortmund]( You can read [the abstract here](

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