This is where I store my configuration files for pandoc.
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Aizan's Pandoc Config

Welcome to this Git repository. I recently started learning how to couple my writing workflow with Markdown with Pandoc to generate HTML and PDF files. Recently I customized by Vim heavily so that it feels homey for writing.

Warning. This repository is still a work in progress.

Clone this repo

git clone ~/.pandoc

This command downloads this repository to the ~/.pandoc directory. Congrats!


Take a look at the file. To use it, issue this command:

$ ./ output.html 

Note: Make sure is executable. Run chmod +x first.

This takes the first variable as input (a Markdown file) and the second variable as output (an HTML file). Further customization of this bash script is possible. For example:

pandoc "$1" --smart --self-contained \
        --css=/home/fiona/.pandoc/$3.css --highlight-style=haddock \

Where fiona is the $USER of my box. It takes the third variable $3, which is a CSS file that's present in my ~/.pandoc folder. As you can see, currently I have 2 CSS files.


$ find . | entr ./ output.html 

This command requires entr to be installed (available on brew as well). It is a simple mechanism to automatically generate output.html. When entr sees changes in the, it will spit out the updated output.html. However, this does not do browser live-reload (a.k.a hot-reload), so a user must reload the browser page manually.


To make it easier, simply move to /usr/local/bin and refresh with hash -r. Now, the can be invoked anywhere!

acknowledgements & resources

  1. Osmo Salomaa's GitHub repository
  2. Jake Zimmerman's GitHub repository
  3. Martin Betz's write-up on using Markdown + Pandoc to generate PDF invoices