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#pragma once
// Define the calling convention for the FireEventClientSide function.
typedef bool(__thiscall *FireEventClientSide)(void*, IGameEvent*);
FireEventClientSide fnOriginalFireEventClientSide = NULL;
// Perform kill icon replacements in here.
bool __fastcall FireEventClientSideThink(void* ecx, void* edx, IGameEvent* pEvent) {
// If the event pointer is invalid just call the original.
if (!pEvent)
return fnOriginalFireEventClientSide(ecx, pEvent);
// Run our replacement function when a "player_death" event is fired.
const char* szEventName = pEvent->GetName();
if (!strcmp(szEventName, "player_death"))
// Update model indexes when switching servers.
if (!strcmp(szEventName, "game_newmap")) {
// Clear existing values.
if (g_ViewModelCfg.size() >= 1)
// Call SetModelConfig.
// Run the original FireEventClientSide function.
return fnOriginalFireEventClientSide(ecx, pEvent);