The utility for running vim on neovim
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What is this ?

NeoVim can run Vim on NeoVim uses :terminal .
This helps it.

Available commands

  • :VimRun {args}
    • Run :terminal vim {args}
    • VimRun foo/file.txt to run Vim on NeoVim and open foo/file.txt in Vim
  • :VimRunTab {args}
    • Run :tabnew | terminal vim {args}
  • :VimRunDo {args}
    • Execute :terminal vim -c {args}

What can this be used for ?

An example is Here for aref-web.vim .

aref-web.vim works on Vim's async API,
but it doesn't work on NeoVim's async API.

Let's do VimRunDo it :D


  • executable vim binary

Expected bugs

  • Vim throws the exception about NeoVim when Vim was opened
    • This depends NeoVim currently spec