FirebugLogger provides a convenient way for Ruby On Rails applciations to output logs to the Firebug JavaScript console.
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= FirebugLogger

FirebugLogger provides a convenient way to output logs to the JavaScript console.

FirebugLogger is to be used with Firebug ( ), a Mozilla Firefox extension.
If you are not using Mozilla Firefox, you can opt to use Firebug Lite ( ).

== Installation
Installation is very simple

 ./script/plugin install

== Using FirebugLogger
A new object, +firebug+, is exposed inside your Controllers.  Logs are sent to this 
object via several methods. 

  class UserController < ApplicationController
    def index
      firebug.log 'This seems like a good thing to do'
      firebug.debug 'Why I can be easily debugging with this thing!' "Oh this looks like its very informative, doncha think?"
      firebug.warn 'Danger Will Robinson, Danger!'
      firebug.error "Oh noes I'm going to explode!"

Inside your Views you have to output the logs.  So that Firebug can display them.
  <%= firebug_logs %>

== Configuring FirebugLogger
Changes to FirebugLogger can be placed inside your <tt>environment.rb</tt>

=== Restrict Output By Environment
By default the logs will appear in the +development+ environment, ensuring that when in +production+
your logs do not appear.  But if you do want them to (for whatever odd reason) you can enable 
other environments like so.
  FirebugLogger::Base.allowed_environments = %w[development test production]

=== Restrict Output By Log level
Any submitted logs below the default log level will not be logged.

To change the default log level:
  FirebugLogger::Base.default_severity = FirebugLogger::Base::FATAL

The default log level is +DEBUG+.  See the section on severity about the various log levels.

== Severity
Severity is based on the default <tt>Logger::Severity</tt>, with the exception of +FATAL+.
Firebug does not include a +FATAL+ log.  In the case of a fatal log, it is mapped
to the +ERROR+ severity.

Possible Severities:
* +DEBUG+ -- 0
* +INFO+ -- 1
* +WARN+ -- 2
* +ERROR+ -- 3
* +FATAL+ -- 4
* +UNKNOWN+ -- 5

== License

FirebugLogger is released under the MIT license.

==  Authors

FirebugLogger is developed by Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz <> .

The FirebugLogger website can be found at