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  • Drink more water
    • Be prepared to go to the toilet more often
  • Do something mindless
  • Do something that doesn't require much mental energy or capacity
    • Exercise
  • Do something that isn't frustrating
  • Eat healthy
  • Go get medication
  • Take vitamins
  • Get more regular and routine sleep
  • Something fun and relaxing

Reduce or do not do:

  • Program
    • Programming requires mental energy and capacity
  • Do not do something that require intense focus
    • Or if you have to, stretch out the intensity of focus over a longer period of time
  • Decision making
    • Can take a lot of energy

You have to rely on your habits, and routines.


  • Well at Walgreens: Migraine Relief
    • Acetaminophen / Aspirin (NSAID) Caffeine Tablets
    • Acetaminophen 250mg
    • Aspirin 250mg (NSAID)
    • Caffeine 65mg
    • Take 2 tablets with water
    • Do not take more than 2 a day
  • Caffox
    • Ergotamine tartrate (1mg), Caffeine (100mg)
  • Ibuprofen
  • Ponstan
  • Aleve
  • Striptan
    • Sumatriptan Succinate
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