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Personal Goals

I share this so that I have a place to discuss with people goal setting.

Also see:

Health Goals

Mental Health Goals

  • Be at peace with myself
  • Not irritated at everything around me
  • To center myself

Physical Health Goals

  • Be healthy to travel
    • No problem going up and down stairs
    • My physical health isn't a burden to people
  • Being able to travel and not have my health burden people

Financial Goals

  • Develop enough passive income to cover my lifestyle

  • Creates more time for myself

  • Don't have to worry about money

  • Make enough money where

    • I have freedom of time
    • I don't have to worry about money
  • Whats most important is money after taxes

  • I want to make money to center myself

  • I want to make money to travel more comfortably

    • Nicer hotels, with a working desk
    • Pay for better flights
  • I want to make money to imbalance the income disparity

    • In my head, I feel that I know better how to distribute the money

Retirement Goals

  • Surround myself with people I enjoy being with
  • Be able to keep myself at a happy busy

"Before I Die" Goals

  • Set up a will

    Share as much knowledge as I have

    • Share my list of best practices and gotchas

"Larger than me" Goals

  • Making the world a fairer place
  • Reducing income disparity

"Good Enough" Goals

I just want to be good enough at this, I don’t need to be the best

  • Play an instrument
  • Speak multiple languages
  • Cooking
  • Physical Health
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