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XRB was inspired by XHP ( ).
XRB is a Rails Engine to be used.
Having used XHP intensively, I saw the benefits of XML literals as first class
elements in a programming language. The biggest benefit was that you could
easily build large libraries of components to reuse on many sites.
As I was unable to figure out how to add XML literals into the Ruby parser.
I thought I would start with a more Ruby approach.
Edit Your Application's Gemfile
Add to your Gemfile
gem 'xrb', :require => 'xrb/engine'
In your ApplicationHelper add
require UiHelper
Inside your template files you can now use XRB.
<%= ui :image, :block do %>
<% ui :link => user_path(user) %>
<%= image_tag(, :title => user %>
<% end %>
<% ui :group do %>
<% ui :link => user_path(user) %>
<%= user %>
<% end %>
<% ui :group do %>
<%= user.description %>
<% end %>
<% end %>
<% end %>
Defining your own XRB Element
Say you want to define an element `user`.
Inside a helper file we need to add a function:
def ui_user(xrb)
user = xrb.attributes.delete(:user)
xrb.content = ui_output do
content_tag :div, user, xrb.attributes
Change the code inside `ui_output` to let design how your component will look