An emulator of vintage typewriting sounds for X11.
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Typewriter sounds emulator for Python

This program plays typewriter sounds each time a key is pressed, giving the user the vintage experience of and old typewriter machine.

The code is inspired on the keylogger demo that comes in the The Python X Library ( ). The logic is simple: grab the keycode of a pressed key, and instead to record it (as any keylogger does), just play a sound.

As the key detection is made using Xlib, this program should work on those platforms that support X11. It was developed and tested under Linux.

Sound samples come from, some were modified for this project.



cd into the project's directory and type:

$ python

to stop the program, just type CTRL-C.


  • Test it in different platforms. In Windows it should work using Cygwin
  • Add an installer
  • Eventually: add a tray icon GUI.


Manuel Arturo Izquierdo