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Utility to run the dinghy-http-proxy with native docker
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A utility that helps manage a Docker container running codekitchen's http-proxy on MacOS using Docker for Mac. For Linux support see my new project below. For more information about the proxy, see

New Version

I've completely re-written this tool and have given it a new name! Check it out here 👈


To install the proxy, run the following command:

curl -sL | bash

NOTE: If you first cd into a directory within your path, you will be able to run this utility from any command line afterwards. Normally it's best to put this in /usr/local/bin.


docker-proxy status      Prints the status of the docker proxy.
docker-proxy start       Starts the docker proxy.
docker-proxy stop        Stops the docker proxy.
docker-proxy restart     Restarts the docker proxy.
docker-proxy update      Pulls the latest image for the docker proxy container.
docker-proxy help        Show this message.
docker-proxy version     Print the version number.
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