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NBA Team Maker - Mix & Compare Player Stats

  • Wireframe: /misc/wireframe-plan.jpg
  • Table Schema: /misc/table-schema.jpg
  • Game & view flow: /misc/game-view-flow.jpg


  • Pick 5 players - from any SEASON or team
    • add each player (or a representation of their stats that yr) into a new "team"
    • ** compare the custom team's stats against any other team's stats from any season


  • Create (name) a new custom team
  • View any player/team/season combination (using form, Team > Season > Player)
  • Add 5 players to the team
  • Combine/average the stats of those 5 players (all, or just main stats?)
  • ** Choose another team to compare against
  • ** Compares the stats of custom team vs. other team

Main form (Search Players) details:

  • Choose: Team, Season(yr)
  • Shows list of players who were on the team that year (& # points/rebs/ast?)
  • Selecting a player from the list shows their more in depth stats (?)
  • 'Add to Team' button on bottom adds that player to your team

Accessing the API:

  • Module used:
  • (Issue: API endpoints don't seem accessible when the app is hosted on a cloud service, such as Heroku)
  • Example API call functions used:
function getPlayerObjByNameServ(name) {
    const resPlayer = NBA.findPlayer(name);
    return NBA.stats.playerInfo({ PlayerID: resPlayer.playerId, Season: '2017-18' });
function getPlayersFromTeamList(req, res, next) {
  const resPlayers = [];
  console.log('req: ' +;
          .then(data => {
            data.forEach(player => {
              if (player.teamId === parseInt( {
            res.locals.playerobjs = resPlayers; //change

            // getting the team name from db, based on id
            res.locals.teamname = nbaModel.getTeamName( => res.send(data)).catch(err => console.log(err));

        }).catch(err => console.log(err));