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# From pdinda get_covar
use Getopt::Long;
use Time::ParseDate;
use FileHandle;
use user;
use stock_data_access;
&GetOptions( "field1=s" => \$field1,
"field2=s" => \$field2,
"from=s" => \$from,
"to=s" => \$to,
"simple" => \$simple,
if (defined $from) { $from=parsedate($from);}
if (defined $to) { $to=parsedate($to); }
$usage = "usage: [--field1=field] [--field2=field] [--from=time] [--to=time] [--simple (two symbols only)] [--corrcoeff] SYMBOL SYMBOL+\n";
$#ARGV>=0 or die $usage;
$sql = "SELECT avg($field1), stddev($field1) FROM (SELECT $field1, timestamp, symbol FROM cs339.stocksdaily UNION SELECT $field1, timestamp, symbol FROM $netID.newstocksdaily) WHERE symbol=rpad('DIA', 16)";
($mean, $stddev) = ExecStockSQL("ROW", $sql);
for ($i=0;$i<=$#symbols;$i++) {
#first, get means and vars for the individual columns that match
$sql = "select count(*),avg($field1),stddev($field1) from ";
$sql.= "(SELECT $field1 FROM ".GetStockPrefix()."StocksDaily l where symbol='$s1'";
$sql.= " and l.timestamp>=$from" if $from;
$sql.= " and l.timestamp<=$to" if $to;
$sql.= " UNION SELECT $field1 FROM $netID.newstocksdaily r WHERE symbol='$s1'";
$sql.= " and r.timestamp>=$from" if $from;
$sql.= " and r.timestamp<=$to" if $to;
$sql.= " )";
($count, $mean_f1,$std_f1 ) = ExecStockSQL("ROW",$sql);
#skip this stock if there isn't enough data
if ($count<30) { # not enough data
} else {
#otherwise get the covariance
$sql = "select avg((l.$field1 - $mean_f1)*(r.$field1 - $mean)) from ";
$sql.= " (SELECT $field1, timestamp, symbol FROM ".GetStockPrefix()."StocksDaily ";
$sql.= " UNION SELECT $field1, timestamp, symbol FROM $netID.newstocksdaily) l join ";
$sql.= " (SELECT $field1, timestamp FROM ".GetStockPrefix()."StocksDaily WHERE symbol='DIA'";
$sql.= " UNION SELECT $field1, timestamp FROM $netID.newstocksdaily WHERE symbol='DIA')";
$sql.= " r on l.timestamp=r.timestamp where l.symbol='$s1'";
$sql.= " and l.timestamp>= $from" if $from;
$sql.= " and l.timestamp<= $to" if $to;
my @rows = ExecStockSQL("ROW", $sql);
($covar{$s1}) = $rows[0]/($stddev*$stddev);
if ($simple && $#symbols==1) {
print $covar{$s1} eq "NODAT" ? "NODAT" : sprintf('%3.6f',$covar{$s1});
print "\n";
} else {
for ($i=0;$i<=$#symbols;$i++) {
print $s1;
print "\t", $covar{$s1} eq "NODAT" ? "NODAT" : sprintf('%3.6f',$covar{$s1});
print "\n";
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