Fix plusplus regex so ++ relates only to adjacent word #2

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(Moving github/hubot-scripts#1191 to here.)

@patcon said:

This doesn't seem right:

Likely culprit:
cc: @arvinsingla

EDIT: Just realized I'd mislabelled this as being an issue with, but it's
cc: @ajacksified

@ajacksified said:

the trouble is with names like "Herbert J. Hoover" - what's the adjacent word? I suppose we could try to allow a short list of punctuation (., spaces) but then how would you upvote "NOW! That's what I call music! 17"?

I've found through experimenting with trying to be more clever about "word" detection can, in may cases, just make it difficult to upvote weird words. Thoughts?

@patcon said:

Oh... maybe we could have an envvar for characters to ignore from matching, but default could be to allow spaces and whatever else you think should be in default? Like I think we only want single words (and our usernames are single words), but I'd rather not fork the script for that.

Here's our use-case so far: People are often saying things like "hahaha that's totally whatever! erin++", and it used to take it as "hahaha++", but I think now its the whole sentence, if that makes sense. I'd love a way to customize for single-word plusplus'ing by default, but allowing multi-word if quotes are used. I can maybe figure out the regex for that later. coffeescript regex blocks allow easy interpolation, so I think we can figure out how to do a character blacklist :)

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