Game for js13kgames 2017 (hopefully)
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  • Add planet squares to left bar

  • Add energy bar to right bar

  • Button for checking if sequence is correct

  • A scientist which is searching for stuff in his lab?

  • Main menu

  • Check the mobile

  • Ability to save progress?

  • Menu for picking levels + tutorial levels for each type

  • First tutorial should be more interactive (lasers firing on itself)

  • Tutorials/test areas for new particles

  • When someone checks the solution:

    • Battery should be disabled (energy)
    • He should be able to interact with lasers
    • He should be able to interact with scientist (level reset)
    • No interaction with blackbox and planets
  • Make a nicer cat :)

  • Sounds?

  • Music?

  • Skip tutorial button

  • Some funny texts for the scientist maybe?

  • draw '1' and '2' in pixels

  • Do some levels man!

  • One singularity placed, other one not bug

  • Tune how singularities work

  • red and blue particle check

  • fake bunnies don't work :(

  • Sometimes beam doesn't align (black hole + black hole)