An example to show the minimal amount needed for an Aufbau app.
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Aufbau example app

A simple Aufbau app to show how to make app modules. You would include it in your Aufbau apps.json list with the following json.

  "displayName": "Example",
  "package": {
    "aufbau-example-app": "ajam/aufbau-example-app"
  "indexPath": "index.html"

If our package lived on npm, you would use normal npm package syntax with the version number.

// ... 
"package": {
  "aufbau-example-app": "^1.0.0"
// ...

We've put an icon at icons/icon.png, so we don't have to specify one in our app definition. If we wanted to override this icon with one we package up with Aufbau, you would put that icon in the Aufbau icons/ folder and add a value to the app definition with the file name such as "icon": "new-icon.png".

Testing more complex apps

If you wanted to use CommonJs modules, you'll run into the problem that your app is hard to test on its own. The easiest way I've found is to run it from within Aufbau by linking the two packages locally. Inside your app repo run npm link. Inside the www/ folder in Aufbau, run: npm link <package-name>. The app will now appear in the www/node_modules/ folder. Add your info to the Aufbau apps.json and do npm start.