A simple Aufbau app for downloading files.
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Aufbau files

An Aufbau app for downloading files and accessing them via a network share, if so desired.


Fork this repository and add your own files to the files/ folder. Copy aufbau-files-secrets.sample.json to your root aufbau app and rename to aufbau-files-secrets.json.

Define your file locations in the default-buckets.json file. It can be a local folder in this repo or if you define type to 'local' or on an smb network share like below. Setting permanent to true will mean users can't delete that bucket. Users can add and remove all other buckets from within the interface and their changes will be saved to their user directory, for example this would be under Application Support if they're on OS X.

    "name": "Admin files",
    "type": "local",
    "dir": "files",
    "permanent": true
    "name": "Interactive team",
    "type": "smb",
    "dir": "path\\to\\folder"

Including in your Aufbau app

Generally, you wouldn't publish this repository to npm so you include it your Aufbau package.json with <github-username>/<repo-name>. You can also add a commit sha preceeded by a # if you want to keep it versioned.

Then the following to your apps.json. If you've changed the name of the repo, make sure packageName corresponds to the new name

	"displayName": "Files",
	"package": {
      "aufbau-files": "ajam/aufbau-files"
	"indexPath": "src/index.html",
	"buildCmd": "npm run build"