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Pretend You're Xyzzy

A Cards Against Humanity clone, server and web client. See WebContent/license.html for full details.

Note: This project is only known to work with Tomcat 7, all other versions are unsupported. Currently, the only way to build PYX is using Maven via mvn clean package war:war in the project's directory.

If you're doing mvn clean package war:exploded jetty:run, you now need to add -Dmaven.buildNumber.doCheck=false -Dmaven.buildNumber.doUpdate=false to make the buildnumber plugin allow you to run with uncommited changes.

For GeoIP functions to work, download somewhere, gunzip it, and update the geoip.db value in to point to it.

Third-Party Usage

A Docker package for this project exists at emcniece/DockerYourXyzzy:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 emcniece/dockeryourxyzzy:dev