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Modified seam OpenID sample that retrives the user name and email address
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Seam OpenID sample moded for accessing user attributes

This is an OpenID sample from the Seam Framework modified so as to automatically retrieve user attributes during the login process.

The main component of this sample is the OpenIdAx class (a sightly modified version of the OpenId class in Seam).

OpenIdAx use the attribute exchange mechanism to obtain the email address, first name, last name and full name from the user's OpenID provider. Though each provider only support a subset of these attributes.

The application UI was also changed to display more information about the active user and to sign the Wall Posts with the poster name and email address if they're available.


The old openid4java jar file included in the 2.2.0.GA Seam distribution was also replaced by a newer version because the original had a number of issues.

To build this sample:

  • edit build.xml to add jboss.home
  • cd examples/openid
  • ant explode

This project was motivated by a Stackoverflow question

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