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+Seam OpenID sample moded for accessing user attributes
+This is an OpenID sample from the [Seam Framework][1] modified so as to automatically
+retrieve user attributes during the sign-on process.
+The main component of this sample is the OpenIdAx class (a sightly modified
+version of the [OpenId class][2] in Seam).
+OpenIdAx use the attribute exchange mechanism to obtain the
+*email address*, *first name*, *last name* and *full name* from the user's OpenID provider.
+Though each provider only support a subset of these attributes.
+The application UI was also changed to display more information about the active user
+and to sign the Wall Posts with the poster *name* and *email address* if they're available.
+The old openid4java jar file included in the 2.2.0.GA Seam distribution was also replaced
+by a newer version because the original had a number of issues.
+To build this sample:
+- edit build.xml to add jboss.home
+- cd examples/openid
+- ant explode
+This project was motivated by a [Stackoverflow question][3]
+ [1]:
+ [2]:
+ [3]:
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