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Telus account usage Widget for Android BETA

This Widget displays your Telus Mobility account usage data on the home screen of an Android device.

The data is retrieved from https://mobile.telus.com and displayed in a compact format on your device home screen. Touching the widget opens your account in the browser.

The widget contents is updated about every 3 hours.

Note that Alexandre Jasmin the author of this program is not affiliated with Telus in any way.

Before installing, make sure that you are able to log in on the mobile Telus website: https://mobile.telus.com

You need the email address and password used to log on this site to configure this widget. Business and corporate accounts can't access the mobile web site therefore these accounts are not currently supported by the widget.

The email and password are stored on the phone. If your phone gets stolen it would be prudent to change your Telus password.

Known issues

  • Business and corporate accounts are not supported because these don't work with the mobile website from which the data is retrieved (https://mobile.telus.com)

  • Data usage for prepaid accounts is not shown because it is not reported on the mobile website at https://mobile.telus.com

  • With plans that include bonus minutes only the normal (non-bonus) minutes are shown. Normal minutes are only used after the bonus minutes are depleted. As far as I can tell usage of these initial bonus minutes is not reported anywhere on the Telus website.

  • Since the author of this program doesn't have access to all types of Telus Mobility accounts the widget may not work in some cases. If the data from the website is not recognized you will be given the option to review and securely send a copy of your account data to the author for review. You can also contact the author alexandre.jasmin@gmail.com or report an issue on github.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Source code

  • Android-Widget/

    Contains the source code for the widget

  • Error-Report-Server/

    Server that receive error reports. Runs on App Engine for Java

  • Error-Report-Downloader/

    Client app for retrieving the reports stored on App Engine

All of these include an Eclipse project.


You can install this widget from Google Play or download the .apk from the download section on github.

Scan this QR Code to install the Widget from Google Play (and get notified of future updates):

Google Play QR Code

Scan this QR Code to download the current version directly: Note: Your phone must be configured to accept downloads from unknown sources: