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Let themes put their own padding to text #1059

jmendeth opened this Issue · 9 comments

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The 4px padding that is applied via the style="" attribute is disturbing for some themes.
Wouldn't it be nice to let the theme specify its own padding via CSS or an exported property?

Having the text only 4px away from the gutter is somewhat stressing, don't you think?


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hmm, padding looks like something that should be controlled by themes, but setting it via css wouldn't work, exported property is better.
Are there any other settings that should be controlled by themes?

Having the text only 4px away from the gutter is somewhat stressing, don't you think?

never thought it to be stressing. How much do you want to increase it?

btw nice-ace theme sounds intriguing.


Well, it can be stressing if the gutter has a shadow or a border...
Then it's better to have more space. I'll post a screenshot.

I don't know of any other properties

PS: I've almost finished the first theme... :)


This is the second theme of the nice-ace collection,
called woodance (based on the first, ambiance).
Just a sketch, though... :) Click to see it in its full glory!

Woodance Pre

Look at the text and the gutter.
Couldn't be nice to add 2px more of space, for example?


I think a theme should not affect editor layout, but this is just IMHO.


I agree, themes shouldn't affect layout (order/disposition of elements)
but each theme has its spacing needs. (layout != spacing)

For example: it is not a theme's responsability to decide
wether invisible characters are shown, it's up to the user.

But it's a theme who must set which font to use,
which distance to have between icons and text,
between text and gutter, etc. It depends on the design.


woodance looks cool, great job!

there should be a way for themes to compensate for padding space taken up by gutter shadow
but i am not sure if setPadding is good enough for that
because it modifies right padding too
and it's not clear what should happen if setPading is called from somewhere else, and then theme without padding value is loaded, should it just reset to 4?


@nightwing Thanks!

Yes, I think it should reset to 4px, that's the default value.
It would be great if themes could control both paddings independently,
but I don't need so much.

@nightwing nightwing closed this

@nightwing good work, thanks!

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